Stuff To Look Forward To: Eye Makeup from Luview

I really like the Korean brand Luview. :) Thanks to Shimmerjjang Andy for introducing this brand to me via her blog.  I really like one of their bb creams (Aqua Essence BB Cream), their mascara and their lip gloss~!  To know that they plan to release eye makeup makes me feel very excited too.

Last January, they posted a teaser of the eyeshadows that they plan to release. Here’s a picture:

(Image Credit: Luview)
So they are eye shadow trios! I have been wanting to learn more eye makeup techniques so I just got a basic palette from Shawill plus the one from Its Skin.  But the ones that I think would be great for everyday are from Luview.  See the mostly brown trio? The right-most one.  I am really looking forward to using that.  The other one that I might get is the second from the left. It has a really light pink and purple.  It’s either that or the left-most trio of pinks and a cream.  According to the Luview page for these eyeshadows, they are baked mineral eyeshadows so I expect them to be quite pigmented and good for using whether wet or dry.
(Image Credit: Luview)
Aside from eye shadow trios, Luview also plans to release eyeliner. Gosh. There’s a purple one! They say they will release four colors so I am wondering if the other one not featured is white.  But I am definitely looking forward to trying out one of these eyeliners.  Probably the purple one because if you use it on your lower lashline/waterline, it is said to bring out the brown of your eyes. ;)  They are supposed to be long-wearing eyeliners so I am definitely going to wait for these.
I am from the Philippines and I definitely wish these products would be more accessible when they are released. For now, I will gladly wait for their announcement on the Luview fan page and their official website.  They ship internationally, thank goodness! I better save up for these goodies, especially if they end up releasing them this summer. 
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